Childhood Cancer

Briefing: Designing a poster with the goal of raise more funds for Childhood Cancer. Fictitious Result: I went over the topic and didn’t want to show a child and just transmit sadness, I wanted to do something witty, something you must stop and think a couple of seconds before realising what the poster is about.…

Pan Tostado Ortiz

Brief: Design the packaging for a toasted bread brand; "Ortiz". Three types of bread must be created, traditional, light and with cereals.The concept had to be "Breakfast". Fictitious Result: With the concept of "Breakfast" I went for the moment that you sit in the kitchen and the light is slipping through the window and illuminating…
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Chicharelo Wine

Brief: Design a new set of wine brand with 3 kinds of wine; Red, White and Rosé. Fictitious brief from "Covides". Colaboration with Irene Asensio & Carolina Vargas. Result: . The client was Covides, a highly known producer from catalan wine. For that reason we begin the design from the grape "Xarel·lo", a catalan unique…