Design a new set of wine brand with 3 kinds of wine; Red, White and Rosé.
Fictitious brief from “Covides”. Colaboration with Irene Asensio & Carolina Vargas.

Result: .
The client was Covides, a highly known producer from catalan wine. For that reason we begin the design from the grape “Xarel·lo”, a catalan unique kind of grape typically used for the production of white wine. Nevertheless we embrace the grape’s name and its possibilities, “Xit-Xarel·lo”, in catalan: dumbie. Why dumbie? Because it was fun, young, and really affordable wine. We changed “X” for “Ch” because of its “spain-oriented” public.

Moving on, a story was found to make three different brands from the “dumbie” concept. Birds that cannot fly. They’re meant to fly! But they cannot! That sounds funny to us! And a little bit silly! Perfect!

And in the final stage of the three brands, we named them with traditional catalan names for families; Can Roig (Rosé), in catalan “red”, Can Bru (Red wine) in catalan “black”, and Can Claret (White wine) in catalan “bright”.