Hello again, I’m David!

Nice to meet you.

– Born and raised in Barcelona, now based in The Netherlands, working on projects all around the globe, with more than 10 years of experience.

I started Computers Engineering eons ago, but then after 2 years I figured out what my real drive was: Art, Beauty, Design. I wanted to design. I took a job to pay for college and there I started my real professional journey. While there, I learned many things, one of them, Motion Graphics. It was just one subject, but it really spoke to me. Being aware of that, I got myself into a deeper understanding of After Effects.

During that time, I used what I learned in college, such as conceptualization, contrast, movement, balance & typography to improve and develop as a designer and later on, as an artist. Since then, it’s been one heck of a trip.

After a while, I realized that for motion graphics, 3D could be a very useful tool, so I got into that too! Nowadays, mixing both worlds, while evolving as a CG Artist and Motion Designer, with more than 10 years experience, and hungry for new horizons.

Some of the clients I have been lucky enough to work with: